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Our intent is to provide a forum for developers to learn about and discuss the various components of a production quality ASP.NET application.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 (CST) - Building Reliable Apps
speaker: Stephen Fulcher

6PM - 9PM

Your app is an Indy race car. When the flag is down, all that matters is how fast you are, how smooth you run, and how short your pit times are. Successfully delivering large and mission critical ASP.NET apps requires far more than writing code that implements correct feature behavior. When the bits are pushed to the production farm, all you have to control behavior and enable internal visibility is what you build in. Acquiring rock solid operational excellence and reliability is something you have to do deliberately from the beginning. It changes the way you design and build.

In this session, we'll look at lessons learned from years of building and operating the large apps.

Eventbrite - Dallas ASP.Net Meeting - February 23, 2016

Stephen Fulcher is a serial entrepreneur focused on delivering technology products and services that transform businesses. After working with Microsoft as a Principal Engineer and Regional Director, he founded Crocodile Software to bring game-changing technology and services to businesses large and small. Along the way, he has been a speaker at numerous technology conferences, developer meetings and product launches.

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